Application areas

Although the CLP is rooted in electromechanical motor control, it is certainly not limited tothis field of application.

The following application fields should certainly be borne in mind (this list is far from exhaustive):

      • Motor and mechanism control
      • Power control
      • Space-vehicles/spacecraft control systems:
  • Thrust vector control
  • Propulsion system control
  • Attitude and orbit control
  • Guidance and navigation control
      • Fine pointing applications (antenna, mirror,…)
      • Robotics (arm control)
      • Wheel steering, braking and driving systems
      • Positioning systems (flexible arm,…)
      • Active damping control systems
      • Thermal control
      • Sensor bus control
      • Remote terminal control
      • Instrument control
      • Particle detection instrumentation
      • Radiation environment monitoring
      • Wireless networking

Although the performance of the CLP seems in some cases somewhat oversized, it may prove to be the right choice since it also offers some unique features:

    • Ease of application development.
    • Deterministic software execution.
    • Radiation hardened.
    • Package with a limited pin count.
    • Integration of peripherals and memory on board.