The CLP program will foresee dedicated user support in order to make this program a success. For the time being, all user support will be provided by the SABCA CLP team.

The following will be made available to the user:

  • The processor.
  • The evaluation board.
  • The Software Development Environment.
  • Support.

Each of these will be provided under certain conditions (IP rights, licensing agreements, commercial, …), and the exact details are currently being determined. The following can nevertheless be anticipated:

  • The program will follow the spirit of the ASSP program to make available general purpose component with a minimum of restrictions and a maximum of flexibility;
  • Lead times (for processor and boards) will be a driving factor and need to be minimized;
  • User support will include adequate management (program, commercial, quality assurance) and  sufficient technical support (induction, training, consultancy at technology and applicative level, help-desk, website with downloads of software and documentation and a discussion forum).

Please consult this website for up-to-date information.