CLP technology stands for the following:

  • compiles a mathematical model directly into executing software thereby assuring representativeness of the code.
  • comes with a development suite enabling to perform full validation.
  • executes software in a deterministic manner and software behavior is fully predictable.
  • does not require an operating system.
  • brings high processing performance and high processing precision.
  • is radiation hardened.
  • is suitable for safety-critical applications.
  • has interfaces that fit directly fit into a variety of applications and does not require extensive glue logic.
  • supports a multitude of communications standards.
  • Its dual-code architecture offers additional degrees of freedom to the application designer.
  • allows for real-time non-intrusive validation.
  • offers an open platform and does not preclude anything.
  • is built with a chip technology for the future and will last a long time.
  • is ITAR-free.

Although rooted in the world of electromechanical motor control, there is no real limit to where it can be applied, and it should be considered whenever one or more of the needs listed above should arise.

The CLP technology consists of a specific application development suite (to generate the code) together with a dedicated processor (the CLP processor) that executes the code. The development suite also includes sufficient validation tools enabling to prove full representativeness of the model. The technology does not require detailed knowledge of the processor in order to build applications.

The CLP program will provide the following to industry: