Validation tools

The following validation tools will be provided:

  • A simulator, enabling to validate generated code.
  • A unit tester enabling to validate CLP macros over a user-definable range.
  • A loader for loading executables into the target processor, for execution in real-time.
  • A CLP-scope tool, for analyzing debugging information provided via the non-intrusive RTBT debugging interface.

The simulator enables to execute CLP software and will provide access to and tracing of CLP core resources. The simulator may be used to perform an initial check on correct macro behavior. It will also enable to perform error injection and to check system response.

The unit tester will be capable to validate CLP macros over entire operating ranges on all of its inputs. This tool will encapsulate the macro in a SW test bed enabling to execute it over the desired operating ranges and comparing it immediately to the mathematical model of the macro.  This tool assures that the macro behavior on target is identical to the mathematical model of it. It also contains a code coverage analyser, assuring that all code has at least been validated (and to check  if there is no unreachable code present).

The loader is a general-purpose tool for loading executables on the processor and includes a CRC check.

The CLP-scope tool enables to analyse the information, acquired from the Real Time Background Tracer unit, in more detail.

All tools will be encapsulated in a workbench that will provide an integrated helicopter view to the user.

Tools will be validated according to ESA’s ECSS software standards.