Getting started

The interested user will first of all need some CLP  hardware. The only thing that is needed is an evaluation board together with a PC and a power supply.  Depending upon his application, he may also need some additional laboratory equipment (if his application is motor control, he will need a motor for sure).

Hardware can be acquired via the contacts in the contacts section

The next thing is the CLP software items:

  • The CLP development environment.
  • The CLP macro library.
  • The CLP demo applications.

All CLP items (hardware as well as software) will have accompanying user documentation. The CLP software items and the user documentation can be downloaded from the CLP website. A user needs to be registered in order to do so.

If the user wants to use the bottom-up approach, he will also need a Simulink license that can be acquired for Mathworks (

The user will also need the following skills:

  • Knowledge of Simulink (construction of models, performing simulations).
  • How to use the CLP software development environment.
  • A basic insight in the processor architecture (knowledge of scheduling and data reporting).
  • A basic insight in the CLP macro library (knowledge what the building blocks are standing for).
  • A basic insight in a demo application.

Please consult this website regularly as the user information will be updated regularly.